BJ Penn, MMA Legend

"My name is BJ Penn. I had suffered for months with a major neck injury that had been diagnosed as multiple herniated discs in my neck. I was in constant pain, especially if I tried to train. Nothing I had tried to heal myself had worked at all. After only 3 Zone Healing sessions with Dr. Pete (which took about 2 minutes each!), my neck was 100% healed and has remained that way. I can't believe it. In fact, as strange as this may sound, I didn't want to believe it. Anyway, thanks a million Dr. Pete."

Rickson Gracie, Legend of Gracie Jiu Jitsu


Justin Tuck, NFL Superstar

Bruce Gradkowski, NFL Quarterback

"Dr. Pete has the magic hands that help me get back on the field fast and healthy. First it was a sprained right thumb that was swollen and I couldnt move and he fixed it in a day. Next, was a separated throwing shoulder that he has helped get better in half the time, which could have kept me out the whole season. The treatments may be fast but are very effective that's what makes him the best!"

Jake Shields, MMA Superstar

"It is rare to find someone with the ability feel what is wrong and then adjust it. Dr. Goldman has that ability. He does adjustments for everything from injuries to ailments. I got instant relief from a back injury that had me layed up at the beginning of a training camp, a time when I really needed to be working full on. I had a lot of relief on the first visit and I was back training at 100 % within days. Fighters take a lot of abuse to their bodies and they need maintenance and he is the go to guy."

Denny Prokopos, Jiu Jitsu World Champion

"Dr. Peter Goldman is an amazing chiropractor who produces amazing results. He has saved my career multiple times and has done so for MANY other people that I know. He truly has the golden healing touch." 

Here's an interview Denny did with Dr. Pete on his podcast:

Andrew Talansky, Professional Road Racing Cyclist 

“Since I began seeing Pete over 4 years ago, my quality of life has improved both on and off the bike. He has a gift for working with professional athletes and helping our bodies recover from the strain we place on them day in and day out, helping us to maintain optimal health and fitness. With Pete's help I have progressed from the lower ranks of professional cycling into the upper echelons of the sport"

Hans Benson, Pro Hockey Player

Bas Rutten, MMA Legend

"My name is Bas Rutten and I suffered from asthma and eczema from when I was 6 years old. An asthma attack would result in, at least, one week in bed. So not your ordinary asthma. I have been 'growing over it' because I am an athlete, but I NEVER could go to a training without my inhaler. If I would start training hard right away, my lungs would stop and I would need my inhaler. Also, I NEVER could visit people who have a dog, without using my inhaler, because I am allergic for dogs. This has been for the last 33 years, I am 39 now.

After about 5 sessions with Dr. Pete, I never used my inhaler anymore! I am allergic for dogs, well, I bought a puppy about three weeks ago for my daughters and have no feeling in my lungs what so ever!"

Eddie Bravo, Jiu Jitsu Legend

"After trying accupuncture, deep tissue, yoga and having little chinese women moon walk on my back I finally found the answer to my chronic lower back problems, Dr. Pete Goldman. For extreme athletes like myself, the work that Dr. Pete does on my spine is crucial. As long as I continue to practice jiu jitsu Dr. Pete will be a part of my weekly schedule. Twice a week with Dr. Pete is all I need to keep my back strong and pain free"

Rob Kaman, Kickboxing Legend

"My name is Rob Kaman and after 110 professional fights I had surgery on my neck for a herniated disc but never really recovered and I was always in pain. After a couple of treatments with Dr. Pete, I was as good as new. I met in my career many healers, and Dr Pete is by far the most simple and effective healer I have met, and I have been around believe me. In my book Dr. Pete is # 1."

Clark Gracie, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Superstar

"I met Dr. Pete through my father Carley Gracie's jiu jitsu academy in San Francisco. My brother was getting adjusted, but i had never gone to a chiropractor before. I never really understood it and wasn't very confident about how well it worked, but Dr. Pete put it into perspective and makes it easy to understand how it all works. I watched my brother and my father get adjusted by Dr. Pete and then it was my turn and now I don't want to go without it. I used to have lower back pain, and sometimes I just felt a little stiff or off alignment, but Dr. Pete knows how to make you leave feeling great. I would recommend anyone to try it out, especially if you have an injury, but even if you don't, its a great thing to do on a regular basis. I think only after I did it I realized how much better I could actually feel. Thanks Dr. Pete!"

Rigan Machado, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Legend

"A few years ago, I sustained a severe injury to my neck while training and preparing for the ADCC world championships. The injury was SO severe that I had to resort to sitting in the corner of the classroom and shouting instructions to teach my classes. I could barely turn my neck, and was unable to do even the simplest of day to day things, let alone continue to train and prepare for my upcoming competition.

I had pursued several different methods for recuperating and healing my neck, but none of them proved to be effective. Then I went to see Dr. Pete. After a SINGLE adjustment that took only minutes, my neck was miraculously 75% better than it had been. I had regained mobility in my neck, and was even able to start training again on a limited basis, immediately. I continued to see Dr. Pete once a week and within a few visits my neck was 100% healed.

Because of Dr. Pete I was able to compete in Brazil and have been fine ever since. I have continued to see Dr. Pete to help keep me performing at my peak and maximum potential and I STRONGLY recommend that anyone else does too, regardless of whether or not they are professional athletes or not."

Kenny Florian, MMA Fighter

"I went to Dr. Pete Goldman in a tremendous amount of pain. I was a little skeptical if he could even help me at all. My back was in bad shape and I could barely do everyday activities such as dressing myself. He made me feel comfortable and asked me exactly what the problem was. In only one session with Dr. Pete, he got me walking normally immediately and without any pain. He made a believer out of me really quick. I was amazed."

Lucia Rijker, Boxing Legend

"Two weeks ago I got back from a trip in Norway which was very stressful for my body and my mind. I ended up with pimples all over my face. I tried all kinds of creams and eating clean and it was getting a little bit better but I continued to break out. I know that stress can have an effect on the body and I also know that Pete's amazing hands can help anybody who is willing to be healthy. So I got 2 adjustments one week apart and my skin has cleared up 95% already."