What Dr. Pete's Clients Have To Say

We could tell you all about the life-changing results our clients get when we use the Zone Technique to balance their bodies, but we'll let some of them tell you, themselves.

Mikyo Riggs — Depression & Pain

"When I met Dr. Pete I was depressed and in pain.  

I suffered from herniated discs and degeneration of my spine due to many years of hard training.  I had a hard time walking, sitting and I was in pain constantly.  I tried many different methods of healing including : physical therapy, chiropractic care, muscle activation technique, active release technique (ART), acupressure, massage, and yoga in addition to seeing dozens of orthopedic specialists. Nothing seemed to get me past a certain sticking point.  

After my first visit with Dr. Pete I felt remarkably better.  Through his care, I am now able to train in Martial Arts at a high level and I have even returned to sports like running and snowboarding that I never thought I would be able to do again.  

Dr. Pete is an incredible healer.  Without him I would still be depressed and in pain and unable to train.  He gave me a new lease on my back and I am able to do the things I love again. If you want to move forward in your healing and ultimately your life, Dr. Pete will get you there."

S. GEorge — Immune System & Recovery From Surgery

Dr. Goldman is nothing short of amazing. Since being adjusted by him, my quality of life has soared to an all-time high. At 45, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I feel tremendous, and people marvel at all the energy I have.

I’d gotten adjustments from chiropractors since I was a baby and benefitted from it, but I never had results like this before. For someone who used to get sick every time I turned around, my immune system is now absolutely incredible, and I can’t remember the last time I had a cold. Dr. Goldman even got the most stubborn plantar warts to disappear from my foot and hands without a trace, something that my dermatologist was unable to do, even after two painful sessions where she attempted to freeze them off.

In addition, I had a miraculous recovery last year following two surgeries to reattach five rotator-cuff tendons after an injury, and the orthopedists I consulted told me that the odds were against me and thought I’d have to get shoulder replacements. I received regular adjustments from Dr. Goldman after each surgery and healed perfectly. My surgeon still can’t get over how thoroughly and quickly I healed, and with no swelling or pain to speak of.

And the list goes on. I’ve referred many people to Dr. Goldman who’ve also had fantastic results. I feel great, and I can’t speak highly enough of him, or thank him enough for all he’s done for me.

Claudia Conners — Chroinc Pain

I had been suffering lower back pain for over 4 years. Over these four years, I had constant chiropractor and physical therapy visits because the episodes were becoming closer and and more intense. Nothing was really working.

Then I read about Dr. Pete in the San Francisco Chronicle and went to see him two days later. From his first adjustment, I felt significantly better. By the third visit I felt better than I had in four years. His healing energy is contagious and motivating.  

I have always been athletic and active and my job demands it.  Unfortunately I had been suffering lower back pain for over 4 years. Over these four years, I had constant chiropractor and physical therapy visits because the episodes were becoming closer and and more intense.  

Then I read about Dr. Pete in the San Francisco Chronicle and went to see him two days later. From his first adjustment, I felt significantly better. By the third visit I felt better than I had in four years. His healing energy is contagious and motivating.  I am now experiencing no chronic pain.

Laurie Carlson — Diziness, Balance, Loss of Hearing

After some serious personal issues, I began to have health problems.

My immune system appeared to be severely compromised and I was repeatedly getting sick. Then I began to lose my hearing, developed severe vertigo/nausea and very loud tinnitus. After many visits to the ER and to traditional medical doctors, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s. 

The only “solution” was to take pills for the vertigo and nausea when they occurred. I was having two or three attacks each day and they came on very suddenly, thus making it difficult for me to leave my house. The vertigo would knock me flat and it would take an hour or more for the medicine to take effect. And there were unpleasant side effects. This was a truly debilitating situation.

A good friend told me about Dr. Pete and how he had helped members of her family. Since I was unwilling to just accept being labelled with Meniere’s, with no hope of improvement, I started going to Dr. Pete for adjustments.

From the start, the effect was amazing. After just a few adjustments, I had more energy than I had had in five years. My immune system obviously improved quickly as I have not been sick since then. But the most extraordinary thing is that all the symptoms of Meniere’s are gone. My hearing returned, the tinnitus is gone and I have not had even the slightest dizziness in months

To me, this is a miracle, but Dr. Pete says it is just getting the body aligned so it can do its job.

Ryan — Depression & Low Energy

I was feeling an incredible lack of energy on almost a daily basis, and I thought of seeing a mental health professional and discussing medication for depression. 

I met with Dr. Pete, and he gave me my first adjustment. Words can not describe how impressed I was. I immediately felt a difference in my posture, balance and all of my senses. My entire body felt stronger than it ever had before!

As I continued to see Dr. Pete my life style was gradually becoming more healthy and enjoyable. I became very interested in health and fitness and ways to improve myself. Since my first visit with Dr. Pete I have run two marathons and countless five and ten kilometer races

Based on my personal experiences I decided that I would like to be able to help people just as Dr. Pete helped me. I am now attending Chiropractic school and on my way to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic myself.

Magdalina - Stiffness & Pain in Hand

I had been having stiffness in my fingers for years. During the past year it had gotten worse, to the point that I could not make a fist. According to a top hand specialist in SF, it was osteoarthritis. There is no cure for that. He said that down the road, once it progresses to be unbearable, the common solution to help with the pain is fusion surgery. I was sad to find that out at the age of 34 and worried of it progressing, as I need the use of my hands, especially working as a physical therapist and practicing martial arts.

I heard about Dr. Pete from the instructor at Jiu Jitsu. I was concerned about having adjustments, thinking they would be too aggressive on my spine, having a history of neck injuries. Somewhat hesitant, but mostly neutral in my attitude, I went to see Dr. Pete. After 2 visits I started to see improvement in the range of motion and it also started to feel less stiff.  I went about 8 times, 1x/week. After the 6th visit, I could finally make a full fist! I hadn’t been able to do that in a few years. 

I am amazed that treatment that involves spinal adjustments and some wrist and hand adjustments can make so much of a difference. Dr. Pete is very gentle despite having such strong looking hands. He is also very intuitive and accurate. I never felt tense or worried that I might get injured. It was a revolutionary learning experience for me, as a physical therapist, thinking of the connection between pain in the extremities and spinal alignment and value of chiropractic in this connection. I would encourage anyone to try it out.

Annie Wilson — Panic attacks & Anxiety

Before being worked on by Dr. Goldman, I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for 2 years.

I was on daily medication for these conditions for a year and a half. I had tried all of the recommended natural remedies because I did not like the thought of having so many extra chemicals in my body. Nothing but pharmaceuticals seemed to work.

I was talking to my boyfriend about my problems and he told me about Dr. Goldman. He said that Dr. Goldman had done in a short amount of time and without medication or surgery what western medicine had failed to do with two surgeries. He had saved my boyfriend’s career. I was very skeptical, I had always been taught that the only possible solutions for anxiety were therapy and medication.

While in San Francisco for a visit, I was adjusted by Dr. Goldman. I figured I might as well give it a try because my boyfriend could not sing his praises loud enough. As soon as he was finished with the adjustment, I felt better than I had in years. My mind felt relaxed and at ease. Not only did he take care of the anxiety but he helped with my blood sugar levels and ability to sleep. After two 5 minute visits, I have not had any anxiety or panic attacks and all other problems have disappeared. If anything were ever to arise again, I would not hesitate flying to San Francisco to be adjusted by Dr. Goldman.

J.W. — Chronic sinus infections & fatigue

Historically, I was troubled with chronic sinus infections and fatigue.

Since I’ve been treated by Dr Goldman I haven’t had one infection and in fact when I noticed the first signs of feeling ill I would get an adjustment and get immediate relief.

My immune system is stronger and I feel more emotionally stable and invigorated.

After many many years and much time, we finally found a real doctor, he delivers what he says and I believe his ability to heal goes way beyond the traditional chiropractic model. Dr Goldman is special and I highly recommend him to anyone sincerely committed to change and well-being because that is definitely what you can count on getting.

Charlie Lee — Muscle Spasms, Neck INjury & Chronic Pain

Let me address the skeptics first: Dr Pete will help you to heal. His techniques really work. He really is a healer.

I received a neck injury which caused the bones in the back of my neck to lose stability. I could actually move them around with my hands. This resulted in muscles spasms when I turned my head, tingling down my arms and into my fingers and tendonitis like symptoms in my elbows.

This really prevented me from participating in getting any exercise. Golf, tennis, hockey, grappling and even ping pong caused too much pain. Even driving was dangerous as turning my head to check blind spots would jolt my head back to the center and cause a lot of pain to shoot through the back of my head. I had gone to traditional doctors, gotten x-rays, and MRIs and they said it was only a bone bruise.

Physical Therapy did nothing. After a year it had not changed so I was living in constant pain. I was pretty desperate when someone referred me to Dr. Pete. I was skeptical at first of course, I had never heard of zone healing and it sounded like mumbo jumbo to me. I’m an engineer working for a one of the top defense companies in the world. I come from a background where I believe in science and have always been skeptical of alternative forms of medicine.

My first session with Dr Pete was less than 3 minutes. He felt my injury and told me it would be no problem. Then before I knew it he told me I was done for the session. I walked out thinking I had just gotten ripped off, but when I woke up the next morning my neck had improved dramatically. Honestly, it was amazing. I was convinced and rushed to get more treatments.

My neck is back and now I have no problems with every day activities. I can again enjoy playing golf, tennis, ping pong, hockey, judo, and jiu jitsu again. If you look at Dr Pete’s testimonials you can see he treats a lot of world class MMA and grappling stars so obviously his techniques work on elite athletes, but if you’re just a regular guy like me that doesn’t want to sit around watching TV all day go see Dr Pete and stop living in pain.

J.E. — chronic digestion problems

I had suffered with Crohn’s Disease for over 40 years. I had seen gastroenterologists, acupuncturists, herbalists, allergists, took vitamins, minerals, herbs, potions that taste like dirt, prednisone, Sulpha drugs, pentasa, had 2 intestinal resections, was hospitalized innumerable times, missed a lot of school as a kid, a lot of fun as a teenager, spent too much time locating bathrooms I could use en route from one place to another – just in case, cancelled trips, plans, stopped eating dairy, cruciferous vegetables, chicken, eggs… and bitched about the injustice of it all.

I started seeing Peter about 6 months ago. Cut to today: I have tons of energy, my mood is greatly improved (it’s amazing what being pain-free will do for one’s mood), and after years of negotiating around foods, I can eat whatever I like – no reactions whatsoever to any food. The other day we laughed when I recommended a restaurant to Peter and I mentioned I had a beer with my great spicy Thai food. My health, my life and my attitude have had made a 180.

Wolfgang — Severe Digestion Problems

It is a wonderful thing to enjoy life in all it’s abundance.

About 15 months ago, I was referred to Dr. Pete. I had been suffering from severe digestive disorder (ulcerative colitis) for 10 years. Throughout those years, all my efforts to get well resulted in very little relief. I gave up on traditional western medicine after 5 years and several hospital stays. The only treatment doctors consistently mentioned, as a proven thing was to cut out my entire colon. I was not ready to go that far and tried in the next 5 years a plethora of alternative healing methods.

Although I was able to stay out of the hospital, my health deteriorated even more. In the summer of 2002 after seeing a Gastroenterologist for my yearly colonoscopy, he strongly discouraged me to keep fooling around with alternative medicine and just face the inevitable, i.e. remove the entire colon before it’s too late. After this visit with a MD I was deeply depressed. Was I wrong to hope that there was a cure for my symptoms? I thought I’ll give myself one more chance and enrolled in a serious body and mind cleansing program in Southern California.

At the end of the first week of the 2-week program, my spirits were high, but my body was so weak that I had to stop. I lost 28 pounds in 6 days and weight barely 110 pounds (my normal weight is 155). I was dizzy, short of breath and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. At the end of that week a friend recommended Dr. Pete. To my surprise I had never heard of Zone Healing, even though I considered myself an expert on alternative medicine. One month later I went to see Dr. Pete, not knowing what to expect.

What struck me most about this first encounter was his apparent lack of doubt. There was no if, when, but, in case, etc. It was clear to me that Dr. Pete had no doubt he could help me to heal. Little did I know what was to unfold over the next 15 months. I could ramble on for a long time about the step-by-step progress, but to spare you my raving let me sum it up. I feel, think and act completely healthy. My body has 95% healed. I know that anybody regardless of their sickness/symptoms (no matter how serious) can get well

C.P — heartburn, back pain

I began seeing Dr. Peter Goldman about three months ago.

At the beginning I was taking Vasotec for blood pressure daily, two celebrex for inflammation of the back, prisolec for heartburn and three tricor for triglycerides daily. I also had back pain and terrible tension of the neck.

I have discontinued every drug except Vasotec, which I now take once every three days. My cholesterol is down 25% and triglycerdides 70%. My back and neck have improved dramatically.

No less importantly I am more patient and content in life.

J.T. — Chronic Migraines & Dizziness

For the past 23 years I have suffered from migraines and dizziness. The dizziness became so severe I was hospitalized two times for a week each. The medical doctors suspected a brain tumor in the beginning.

I had every test imaginable including a spinal tap. They were not able to diagnose and sent me home heavily medicated and with the possibility of exploratory brain surgery in my near future.

The dizziness always lingered and I continued to control the migraines with medication. My health never improved. In the late 70′s the dizziness became so severe that it was interfering with my activities of daily living. A well-known surgeon took my case and decided to install a brain shunt into the left side of my brain. I remained in the hospital for a week recovering. My dizziness never went away, I didn’t even see a slight improvement. The doctors kept reassuring me that I had to give my body time to adjust to the shunt. My migraines became more frequent and lasted longer.

I quit running to the medical profession with my health problems and just basically accepted the fact that this was the way my life would be.

I met Dr. Pete Goldman about a year ago and he was very interested in talking about chiropractic. Dr. Pete also showed a great interest in me as a individual and my health issues. I was embarrassed to tell him that previous chiropractic care had not helped my problems. I’ve had multiple chiropractic techniques tried on me by many chiropractors, but I never felt any improvement. Every one always had a hard time adjusting me, especially my neck. I can’t recall ever having my neck adjusted properly before Dr. Pete’s work. Dr. Pete started to talk to me about the zones and the work of Dr. Fleet and he always told me with conviction that my body could heal. For the first time in my life my bones started to move. It was amazing.

For 4 months Dr. Pete adjusted my glandular and nervous zones. I still was having dizziness but my migraines were becoming an event of my past. I also had suffered from insomnia for twenty years, but was now sleeping like a baby and I was no longer nervous.

On one notable occasion I noticed a sharp pain in my low back and blood showed up in my urine exam. That evening Dr. Pete adjusted my digestive zone. My pain turned out to be a gas pocket and my urine test was fine the following day. Another time I was coming down with a sore throat and congestion which generally turns into three weeks of misery. I went right over to Dr. Pete and he adjusted my zones. The next morning I woke up without any symptoms.

I was so amazed at what good and fast results I had received. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. Since Dr. Pete Goldman has been adjusting me with the Concept Therapy zone technique my health has been restored. As of January 1997, I no longer have dizziness. It has been resolved

Y.V. — Severe Chronic Allergies & Foot pain

Allergies that had been torturing me since 1978 have completely disappeared and have not come back in the last year.

The heel spur that caused me crippling pain and that the Podiatrist could not help me with, has not been acting up at all since the adjustments. Better yet, I can walk barefoot on floors again, something previously unimaginable.

And the amazing part is that those two conditions weren’t the reason I visited you in the first place. I just came in for my back ache, for a “traditional” chiropractic treatment. I walked out months later with a lot more health than I bargained for! I’m still amazed at the results and find it almost miraculous.