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Take back your health.


Balancing the body can eliminate pain, headaches, poor digestion, restless sleep, lack of focus, low energy, and a weak immune system. 

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Watch the world's elite athletes and others talk about their healing experiences.

Dr. Peter Goldman explains his Zone Technique and how it can balance your body. 


Why do thousands of patients swear that Dr. Pete's adjustments have helped to improve their lives? 

Simple: It's The Zone Technique

When most people think of chiropractic, they think of neck and back pain relief. Of course chiropractic is an excellent way to relieve neck and back pain, but this is only a fraction of what the original chiropractic is all about. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, taught that altered nerve flow was the root cause of disease, and that misaligned spinal vertebrae negatively effect nerve flow. He taught that restoring the vertebrae to their proper alignment would restore health. Dr. Pete carries on this tradition.

Specifically, Dr. Pete's Zone Technique is built upon the principles of Palmer's real chiropractic, combined with the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983). Dr. Fleet created Zone Therapy in 1931. The healing results his patients achieved were unparalleled. In the early 1990's, Dr. Pete began studying alongside several of Dr. Fleet's top students and created his Zone Technique. While Dr. Pete was in chiropractic school, much of the faculty were so fascinated with the healing results from Dr. Pete's Zone Technique that they too began getting adjusted by him. Since graduating chiropractic school, the phenomenal results have continued, leading to patients flying from all over the world to get adjusted by Dr. Pete. 

Dr. Pete has the magic hands that help me get back on the field fast and healthy. First, it was a sprained right thumb that I couldn’t move. He fixed it in a day. Next, it was a separated shoulder that could have kept me out the whole season. He helped me recover in half that time."

— Bruce Gradkowski, NFL Quarterback

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Learn how each Zone impacts your different systems:

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Glandular System

> Increase memory, energy, sleep, and relaxation

> Regulate immune system and hormonal system 

> Thyroid, pineal, and pituitary gland care 

> Appetite regulation 

Zone Technique - Zone 2 - Eliminative System.png

Eliminative System

> Strengthen lung, kidney, and bladder function 

> Regulate colon & bowel movements 

> Clear sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tubes 

> Eliminate bloating and bodily toxins 

Zone Technique - Zone 3 - Nervous System.png

Nervous System

> Improve mood                                          

> Improve sleep





> Eye and ear health         

> Balance the hormonal system

> Increase energy, remain calm and relaxed


Zone Technique - Zone 4 - Digestive System .png

Digestive System

> Normalize weight

> Salivary gland health / normalize sense of taste 

> Sustain healthy liver, intestines, and gall bladder 

> Digest foods that were previously agitating   

> Boost energy 

Zone Technique - Zone 5 - Muscular System .png

Muscular System

> Restore proper range of motion and movement 


> Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength 


> Improve suppleness and flexibility 


> Restore center of gravity / eliminate dizziness 


Zone Technique - Zone 6 - Circulatory System.png

Circulatory System

> Heart health                                      

> Normalize blood pressure   

> Healthy blood vessels                        

> Proper circulation 


World-Famous Martial Artists, NFL Stars, and Pro Cyclists are just some of the elite athletes that get adjustments from Dr. Pete.