People ranging from the world's most elite athletes to young children and their parents come to San Francisco from all over the world to get Zone Technique adjustments from Dr. Pete. 

Ask any of them, and they will tell you: Dr. Pete's work produces amazing results—not just in your body, but across your whole life.

 "I was in constant pain. Nothing I had tried to heal myself had worked at all. After only 3 healing sessions with Dr. Pete, my neck was 100% healed and has remained that way. I can't believe it."
- BJ Penn, UFC Champion

Watch this video to see Dr. Pete's Zone Technique in action.

Renowned TED speaker, Allison Massari, talks about Dr. Pete.

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Clients fly from all over the world to get adjustments from
Dr. Pete. Learn More >>

What is the zone technique?

The Zone Technique is the approach Dr. Pete uses to balance his clients' bodies and change their lives.

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Dr. Pete works with everyone from world-class UFC fighters and NFL players to little kids and their mothers. They swear by the healing results that they receive. Read the testimonials >>

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Dr. Pete's fantastic results have been written about in the prestigious San Francisco Chronicle, Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, and a range of other outlets.

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